Italian Beginner A2.3 Co.As.It.

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Italian Beginner A2.3

Italian Beginner A2.3

This module builds upon the basic knowledge gained in the previous course and completes the A2 level. Students participate in simple conversations, talking about their home life and leisure activities such as going to a concert. Grammatical elements include: vocabulary relating to the media, free time and entertainment, music, routine events, giving advice, expressing likes and dislikes, possessive pronouns, tenses – present, past, future, imperfect, imperative and using the conditional.


  • Exchange basic information about food and music
  • Talk about entertainment: going to a concert and leisure activities
  • Describe the home
  • Talking about memories and future goals


  • What’s on TV tonight
  • Giving advice about eating well
  • Entertainment: what to do in free time
  • Accepting and refusing invitations

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.